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Q & A process

Fill out your symptoms and describe your health problems
After the success of the submission, waiting for a doctor's reply, if there are problems, can be asked again

Example example

Where are you uncomfortable??:
Stomach pain, loose stools is how the matter?
A detailed description of the condition:
Usually no discomfort, dinner last night, drink some wine , A little high; morning feel some dizziness, stomach Also uncomfortable, on a few times the toilet, loose stools; and then with There is nausea, pale, vomiting, how is this?
What help is needed:
What is it like my doctor? How can we quickly ease? Thank you!
Examples of invalid descriptions:
"How to do a cold?" This title is too simple Single, may not get effective answers to the doctor.

first part:Fill in the consultation

* Where are you uncomfortable??
* Please describe your condition in detail
* What help do you need??

the second part:Fill in patient information

* Patient sex :
* Patient age: